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Hey all....

Back from the SF Sunday session convention, watching Jensen and Jared. I went with my dear husband who surprised me with tickets a few weeks ago and had so much more fun than I thought I would. And my husband was not the only guy there...I'd say the audience was about 15% male. That really surprised me!

But it was actually awesome. Thank you to everyone and anyone who encouraged me to go!

ETA because I forgot the best part ever! Jared made his puppy face at one point, pouting and chin tucked down, and Jensen, smiling affectionately, said, "I lost my shoe."

Observations under the cut...

I am a terrible reporter. People who know how to tweet already tweeted the best quotes, but here are my impressions.

I was only there to see the two Js, and they were definitely worth the price of admission. Jensen and Jared were so much fun to watch, completely entertaining, and even made slightly embarrassing questions interesting, although it absolutely killed me that nobody asked them about the brothers' relationship thus far in the season and where do we go from here...

They were really wonderful on stage together. Very funny and charming and kind. Jared was something else - just very animated and in constant motion. He must have moved his chair away from Jensen (first when Jensen's cold was brought up) a half dozen times. Then he would slowly scoot it back again.

They were very adorable together - they looked completely comfortable and smiled and laughed at each other, listening intently when the other was talking. They were both very enthusiastic about describing how Jared once caught a piece of candy from across the makeup room and made sound effects when he caught it. Jensen even got up and demonstrated. They talked about filming out in the cold and having to put ice cubes in their mouths so their breath didn't show. They liked filming the motel scenes the best, and that's where they improvised the most.

My husband's favorite part was them describing how they'd try to crack Misha up when he was in Castiel-mode while filming. Jensen acted out how Misha's shoulders would shake while he had his back turned, trying not to laugh at Jared.

They both danced - I have blurry pictures! They were so funny and goofy. They had a lot of fun playing with their microphones at the beginning and were drumming them against their chairs . One of them said that was like the coolest thing ever and thanked the audio guys.

After auctioning off his watch for something like $3000, Jared did this ridiculous somersalt onto the stage and knocked over his chair. It was not graceful, and he was just this enormous heap on the stage until he pulled himself up again. Jensen then said he could write a book about living with Jared and could title it "Why We Don't Have Nice Things."

(or something like that)

That was my favorite part!

Little things made me happy. Jensen straightened Jared's collar after he'd been messing with it. They both tossed their heads back when they laughed. Jensen got very, very serious when asked a question about directing his episode. They mentioned Season 7... "if we have season 7, we'll start filming in July."

It was kind of funny. From a distance, Jared was the more compelling one to watch. He was just so funny and so animated. So very, very non-Sam. He looked gorgeous - actually much better than on the show. His hair looked AWESOME, and those dimples - my dear God.

I had mentioned to my husband that Jensen didn't look quite as gorgeous (I used the term 'good looking', not gorgeous) in person. My husband had earlier actually walked right by Jensen, coming back from the restroom. (Men are SO lucky!) So he just looked at me funny and said, "I don't know. I think he looks exactly like he does on the show."

I didn't think so.

But once I was several feet away from them both of them getting an autograph, I couldn't stop staring at Jensen. He was absolutely stunning. It's impossible to believe that he actually looks like that. I think Jared looked much better in real life than he looks on the show or in photographs, but Jensen was kind of breathtaking. Really.

So it was over too soon. I bought tons of crap I don't need and got carsick on the Bart ride home, but overall - awesome! I'm so glad I got talked into going. And yes - I do have the best husband in the whole world! :)

I only wish you all were there. But maybe you were. Anyone else besides me? :)

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