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Hey... here I am making my 2nd non-fic LJ post ever, and I really have no idea why. It's just that I've been fully immersed in my Big Bang for the past six or so weeks, and all of a sudden, I realized I'm close to the end of it, and it's kinda sad...

It's a weird feeling. I've got over 27,000 words written, probably have another 5,000 to go, and I'm already feeling a little bereft. Is this normal? I always feel a little sad after a story is written, but I've been finding myself stalling for the past couple days. I could probably sit down and finish this thing today, but I'm just not sure I want to.

Maybe because I usually write shorter stories, but I just don't want to let this one go, even though there's a looming May 1st deadline and the rest of my April is so busy. I just feel like I've bonded with this one - it's been one of those very rare stories that has given me so little grief. Apart from a two day bout of writer's block, it's pretty much written itself, and maybe because I know how rare that it, I am reluctant to let it go.

I always have the niggling worry when I'm writing... that maybe this will be it. Maybe I'll never have another story idea, maybe I'll never have another conversation that writes itself, maybe I'll never be able to imagine a scene fully enough that I want to write it down. Maybe, this will be the last story that comes easy, and so on and on and on it goes.

I've been doing this all morning, while I sit here not writing the last section of this story. Sigh.

But coffee makes up for a world of woe, so I shall drink some more and get back to hedging and stalling a little more. :)
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